The menu revamp (and testing) is complete!

I’ve been a bit better about updating my Facebook page than this blog, thank you to all the fans who’ve “liked” the page so far, we’re nearly up to three figures! But I haven’t been completely idle, the great menu revamp has finally been completed with some flavours being culled (sadly I simply couldn’t get the Irish Cream cupcakes with the Baileys frosting to work, maybe something I can re-visit for St Patrick’s Day?), and some new varieties (Carrot cupcake anyone?) being added.

I’m really pleased with the final line-up and feel confident about being able to deliver all of them to a high standard. Mark has taken photos like a Trojan, the only one missing is of the delicious Apple Crumble cupcake as he was working very late the day I made that. But I think my friends Lauren and Kerrie will confirm that it tasted pretty fabulous.

I also tried out the mini-versions of the Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes for Dewi and Corey’s leaving party this weekend, and whilst I need to source some cupcake cases which hold their shape a bit better, the mini-size was great! Corey, Dewi and Luca stayed for dinner afterwards and we managed to polish off about 3 plates worth with plenty of comments about how many empty wrappers everyone had on their plates!