Testing times…

So, we’re busy testing and tweaking all our recipes this month before sampling during August…

Fortunately, I have the in-laws visiting and they have agreed to take one for the team and be my willing guinea-pigs during their stay. Thanks Len and Katy!

I made a batch of Sticky Toffee cupcakes yesterday, changing the light brown sugar to dark and it’s big improvement on the original I think, as the sponge is much richer and more toffee-like.

Lots of chopped dates in the sponge, a caramel butter frosting, and next time I’ll decorate them with chopped fudge pieces to reduce the overall dati-ness of the cupcake.

The final product will be approximately 25% deeper than pictured as I’ve managed to source some larger silver cupcake cases online.

Sticky Toffee is just one of the ‘dessert’ cupcakes that we produce, I’ll be testing the Bakewell Tart and Raspberry Trifle ones next week, watch this space!