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  1. Life is too short to skin hazelnuts

    My plan tonight was to caramelize some almonds and hazelnuts ready to decorate the nut cupcakes that I’m testing this week. So I ventured out in the rain to pick up some supplies from Deen but they only had skin-on hazelnuts in stock.

    I figured it wouldn’t take me too long to skin them but I tell you, I’m only buying the white ones from now on! It’s the most fiddly, messy, time-consuming task I’ve undertaken in a long time, and the only good thing about it is that at least the hazelnut skins don’t stain fingers and nails like almond skins do. I finally have a tray of perfectly skinned, and now toasted, hazelnuts but never again… The caramelization will have to wait until tomorrow.

    On the plus side, while the hazelnuts were soaking and toasting, I tried out my new orange blossom cutter and knocked out a tray of sugar orange blossoms and jasmine daisies for the floral cupcakes I’ll be testing this week too. So, it wasn’t all frustration in the kitchen in the end…