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  1. Caffeine surge

    I think I have a new favourite cupcake – the Espresso Cupcake. As I was making up the batter and buttercream, I was horrified at the quantity of instant espresso powder called for and went a gram or two under to be honest. But when it was assembled and in the very first bite, I┬árealised that you needed that strength of flavour to make it work.

    Espresso Cupcake

    My new favourite flavour...

    Less coffee powder would have resulted in a ‘muddy’ sort of brownish cake, neither coffee or plain, in fact rather like the free coffee refills that I’ve been offered in American diners (my only rule with coffee is that you shouldn’t be able to see through it). I really like this cupcake, and the chocolate coffee beans (thanks Hema!) look great and add a very complementary rich chocolate taste to the strong coffee.

    Just don’t eat it too close to bedtime…