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  1. Is there such a thing as too much caramel?

    The final post for tonight and then I’m going to hit the sack…

    Here’s a cupcake version of the popular traybake, Millionaire’s Shortbread. This consists of a richly-flavoured vanilla base stuffed with a large dollop of caramel, topped with a light (and finger-lickin’ good) caramel buttercream, and scattered with dark chocolate curls. I used De Ruijter’s ‘vlokken’ as they were in AH, and just about everyone in Amsterdam was weaned on their hagelslag, but I’m not blown away. The cocoa content is only about 36% and they have a weird slightly gritty texture. I’ll have a bit of a faff around with making my own chocolate curls to see if I can do better next time.

    Millionaire Shortbread Cupcake

    Who wants to be a millionaire?

    Aside from the chocolate curls, this cupcake was a revelation, just proving that if in doubt add more chocolate and caramel, and it’s bound to taste better.

    Sticky Toffee Cupcake

    That's 18 pieces of chopped fudge, count 'em...

    And finally I tried out the chopped fudge decoration idea on the Sticky Toffee cupcakes and I reckon it works. Mark was disbelieving when I informed him that Sticky Toffee Pudding contained dates as he’d never spotted them, so replacing the chopped dates with fudge removed even the smallest visual clue that there might be something vaguely healthy about these cupcakes.

    And yes, I know, it should technically be chopped toffee, but have you tried chopping toffee? Life is too short…

  2. The nuts (revisited)

    OK, well both the Almond and Hazelnut versions ate so well that I’m definitely keeping them on the menu; bizarrely I think they’ll be even better as mini-cupcakes if that makes sense. But I’m going to have to do something about the caramelized nut decorations as they do not store well once on the cupcake. The nuts remain toasted and crisp but the caramel absorbs the moisture from the cake base and buttercream, and starts running off the topping within 12-18 hours. The whole thing still tastes fantastic but looks messy and unattractive.

    Options could include ‘water-proofing’ the caramelized nuts with with plain or milk chocolate, or foregoing the caramelization stage completely and decorating the cupcakes with chopped toasted nuts. Hmmm, I’ll try both and report back.

  3. Chocolate Malted (or Malteser) cupcakes

    Chocolate Malted cupcake

    A new way to eat Maltesers

    These were one of the first cupcakes I made and almost always disappear the fastest!

    The base is made with cocoa and the topping isn’t a buttercream but a smooth ganache-style icing made with 72% dark chocolate, cream and cream cheese flavoured with Horlicks, (other malted milk powders are available), and topped with three Maltesers.

    It’s a rich and delicious cupcake – enjoy!

  4. Coming soon!

    Chocolate Orange, Orange Blossom and Fizzy Orange cupcakesThe English Cake Lady website will be up and running in mid-August with a Dutch version following soon after.

    More news as to the full range of delicious cupcakes we supply will be posted soon so please check back or email me on for more information.

    Trade and private orders accepted from 1 September 2011…