Softer than Red Velvet

My first “commission” as the English Cake Lady was for a small party at 180 Amsterdam to give Julien a good send-off for his wedding this Friday – good luck Julien! I’m made these before but am still struggling to find the correct red colouring to achieve a really deep red effect rather than just a reddish-brown. So whilst these ate very well indeed, I think I can still improve the overall impact with a different red colouring (I’m going to try some AmeriColor next that I found in Sugarlicious today, and I’ll source another brand from France to test as well).

Red Velvet Cupcake


Anyhow, the Red Velvet cake is a traditional American chocolate cake recipe with a vivid red sponge contrasting with a white cream cheese or buttercream frosting, and it works exceptionally well in cupcake form. These little beauties are simply decorated with crumbs from a spare Red Velvet cake, and proved a soft and tender mouthful. They even travelled well to the 180 offices in my bakfiets, definitely better than the Raspberry Trifle ones!

I’m testing this recipe again on Saturday as it’s the base for the children’s birthday cake I’m doing, so will let you know how I get on with the colour…