The English Cake Lady supplies a wide range of cakes, brownies, traybakes and cookies suitable for HORECA businesses such as cafés. Prices dependent on order size and I am happy to discuss developing new products to meet your needs.

All cakes listed below are 25cm in diameter and provide 16 portions unless otherwise indicated. Prices exclude 6% BTW. 48 hours notice, free delivery in central Amsterdam for 2+ cakes, contact me for conditions.

Carrot Cake

Triple Layer Carrot Cake
Made with sunflower oil, grated carrots, sultanas and walnuts, filled and coated with cream-cheese frosting and the sides covered with chopped walnuts

Sticky Orange and Marmelade Cake (vegan, loaf shape providing 10 portions)
A super-moist and light fresh orange cake topped with a warm marmelade glaze. Made either with bananas for the full vegan experience, or eggs for the dairy-free version

Rhubarb Cornmeal Cake (seasonal)
A single layer dessert-style cake made with fresh rhubarb chunks in a cornmeal batter, delicious with crème fraiche

Pear and Cardamon Cake
A single layer dessert-style cake made with sliced sweet fresh pears baked in a light cardamon-spiced sponge, delicious with crème fraiche

Banana, Cherry and Cocnut Bread

Banana Coconut and Cherry Loaf (loaf shape providing 10 portions)
A moist banana bread with shredded coconut, studded with whole glace cherries and decorated with a water icing glaze and shredded coconut

Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake
A light ring-shaped cake flavoured with fresh lemon zest and poppyseeds, spiked with a lemon syrup and topped with a lemon glaze and scattered with poppyseeds

Maple Pecan Bundt Cake
A ring-shaped cake stuffed with a maple syrup and chopped pecan nut filling and dusted with icing sugar

Sour-Cream and Chocolate Layer Cake
A fine-crumbed rich chocolate cake layered with a sour-cream and chocolate filling and frosting

Red Velvet Cake

Triple Layer Red Velvet Cake
A traditional American recipe with a light chocolate flavour, deep red colour and fine crumbed texture, filled and frosted with cream-cheese frosting and decorated with Red Velvet cake crumbs

Nutella Cake
A single–layer dessert-style cake made with freshly-ground toasted hazelnuts Nutella and chocolate, with a dark chocolate ganache and whole toasted hazelnuts

Chocolate Caramel Seasalt Cake
A twist on the popular salted caramel flavour, this triple-layer chocolate cake has a salted caramel layer and a rich plain chocolate caramel filling and frosting

Pecan and Almond Brownies
Dense rich brownies made with Belgian 70% chocolate, studded with chopped pecans, toasted almonds and white chocolate chips

Almond and Clementine Cake

Clementine and Almond Cake (dairy/gluten-free)
A single layer moist dessert-style cake made with whole clementines and ground almonds, delicious with crème fraiche

Bakewell Slice
A traybake of buttery shortbread pastry, plum or raspberry jam (depending how I’m feeling), and a rich frangipane layer scattered with slivered almonds

Chocolate, Cherry and Hazelnut Cookies
Crisp buttery cookies with Belgian dark and white chocolate chips, toasted hazelnuts and dried sour cherries

The Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Chewy/crisp oatmeal and raisin cookies just like mother makes