The English Cake Lady also makes beautiful and delicious cakes for all types of celebrations – birthdays, christenings, weddings, graduations, Christmas/Easter/Sinterklaas parties, company launches and events; you name it, we can make a cake for it!

The most popular options for the inside of a celebration cake are:

vanilla-buttermilk Vanilla Buttermilk – this is a delicious light sponge flecked with lots of real Madagascan Bourbon vanilla which goes well with a raspberry/strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling
SCC Sour-cream and Chocolate – the best chocolate cake recipe that I have ever come across, the sour-cream gives this fine-crumbed cake a wonderful moist smoothness which is loved by both children and adults alike. And I can actually eat the sour-cream and chocolate icing with a spoon…
RV Red Velvet – a tender sponge flavoured with cocoa and traditionally filled and covered with a cream-cheese frosting, this American recipe is a deep vibrant red colour. Only caveat is that it is unsuitable to be completely covered in fondant due to the moisture in the cream-cheese frosting.
butterscotch Butterscotch – a golden vanilla-scented cake made with soft muscovado sugar, and filled with caramel and caramel buttercream
coconut Coconut – a moist sponge made with shredded coconut and coconut milk, filled with raspberry jam and Malibu buttercream (non-alcoholic)
lemon Lemon – a rich butter sponge, flavoured with lemon zest and organic lemon extract, filled with homemade lemon curd and a fresh lemon cream-cheese frosting
Carrot Carrot – moist sunflower oil-based sponge packed with carrots, chopped walnuts and sultanas, filled with a cream cheese frosting

Most of the cupcake flavours listed on the Cupcakes page can also be transformed into larger and fancier versions, or otherwise adapted. Or I can work with you to develop your ideas into a fabulous edible creation.