Lucie Kenny aka the English Cake LadyI’m Lucie Kenny, aka the English Cake Lady, an Amsterdam resident for 13 years , but I’ve been cooking, and more specifically, baking for as long as I can remember, and I love to share my creations with my family and friends. Baking for an afternoon tea, or making a special cake for dessert, or keeping my husband’s studio team supplied with brownies is one of the nicest ways to spend a couple of hours I feel.

I specialise in HORECA cakes and cupckes and custom celebration cakes of all types, and can create simple yet effective, or uber-elaborate designs for birthdays for any age, weddings, corporate events, or any reason to celebrate. Special Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Queen’s Day and traditional English Christmas ranges are also available.

I’m a baker at heart and it’s very important to me that the cake tastes even better than it looks so that people will be asking for seconds. Everything is baked to order and I deliver free in central Amsterdam. I cater for most dietary requirements such as lactose or gluten-free, but if you’re looking for sugar-free cake, I’m probably not the right baker 😉

View my portfolio on flickr or ‘Like’ on Facebook, you can also reach me on email and phone on 06 14776429, but not too late at night please 😉