Is there such a thing as too much caramel?

The final post for tonight and then I’m going to hit the sack…

Here’s a cupcake version of the popular traybake, Millionaire’s Shortbread. This consists of a richly-flavoured vanilla base stuffed with a large dollop of caramel, topped with a light (and finger-lickin’ good) caramel buttercream, and scattered with dark chocolate curls. I used De Ruijter’s ‘vlokken’ as they were in AH, and just about everyone in Amsterdam was weaned on their hagelslag, but I’m not blown away. The cocoa content is only about 36% and they have a weird slightly gritty texture. I’ll have a bit of a faff around with making my own chocolate curls to see if I can do better next time.

Millionaire Shortbread Cupcake

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Aside from the chocolate curls, this cupcake was a revelation, just proving that if in doubt add more chocolate and caramel, and it’s bound to taste better.

Sticky Toffee Cupcake

That's 18 pieces of chopped fudge, count 'em...

And finally I tried out the chopped fudge decoration idea on the Sticky Toffee cupcakes and I reckon it works. Mark was disbelieving when I informed him that Sticky Toffee Pudding contained dates as he’d never spotted them, so replacing the chopped dates with fudge removed even the smallest visual clue that there might be something vaguely healthy about these cupcakes.

And yes, I know, it should technically be chopped toffee, but have you tried chopping toffee? Life is too short…